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Welcome to the Home Page of Randall Systems, Inc.
Randall Systems, Inc. provides information technology consulting and computer systems integration for small businesses and other organizations.

Our Goal is to assist our clients in increasing the productivity of their particular organization. We begin by learning about their operations and then recommending computer technology that will produce increased productivity in a cost-effective manner. We want to get to know about what their business is, how they go about it, what their revenue sources are and what their cost centers entail. Then we may be able to recomend some short term and long term technology and upgrades that can help them increase revenue or decrease costs, possibly both. We have helped many clients accomplish such improvements in their operations since 1993. Some of the things we can do for clients include:

        » Provide maintenance of computing systems
        » Upgrade workstations, servers, and networks
        » Work with business software suppliers to install needed upgrades
        » Audit job functions
        » Create growth plans
        » Develop plans for e-commerce and e-business
        » Design or upgrade web sites
        » Arrange for high speed Internet access and Internet Service
        » Design, supervise, and evaluate installations and upgrades for
           client organizations


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